Glitter Vomit

by Panopticon Eyelids

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"Panopticon Eyelids are a crew from Montreal who have somehow pulled this magic tape out from their collective hats, and in doing so created the party tape of the summer. Rarely have mostly instrumental psych and blues influenced jams been this catchy, this addictive. From the opening notes, it’s pretty clear this lot has worshipped at the altar of Don Van Vliet, and what better inspiration to lead the way into the rousing and unhinged jams here? The music on each side of this delightful tape teeters on the edge of collapsing, but the rhythmic section is rock solid and thankfully keeps everything running like a well-oiled machine. It all sounds like “Zig Zag Wanderer” updated for a new era, with spidery guitar lines, ridiculously loose yelled vocals, hypno-repetitive basslines, and playful yet commanding drums. It’s the perfect recipe for a raucous party, one where everybody’s grinning from ear to ear. There’s a total commitment to the music that oozes from the speakers, and while nothing’s gonna be described as earth-shatteringly new, that’s entirely beside the point. The pure joy with which these cats take to their task is intoxicating. It’s hard to imagine a band having more fun making music, and luckily it translates to us as listeners just as successfully. If you don’t put this one on endless repeat, you’re missing out on the party. It’s rare that I get in my car without blasting this cassette at full bore. A summer-defining jam and one that feels like it should go on forever. 9/10"
Eric Hardiman - Foxy Digitalis

"I confess: I was a bit worried when I saw that the B side of this CS was titled "Goodbye Booze/Hello'weed Night," because joke/jokey music is a really jagged pill for me to swallow happily most of the time (there's exceptions, but they're rare). Fortunately, my hesitation was totally unwarranted: this tape/band rules. Panopticon Eyelids are a Montreal posse of weirdos who play really deranged psychedelic rock in a totally unique and unhinged way. The guitar/bass/drums does the classic long-form jam-based freak-out thing, sticking together in a united blobby bobbing mess of motion that seems secretly way more focused and precise than the vibe it gives off. But then they've got someone puking all this stretchy-sounding taffy electronics over the top that sounds kinda hilarious and loony in a cartoon acid trip sorta way. It's hard to describe but it really works for me. It also doesn't hurt things that the A side track is called "Electron Headbanging," because 1) that's awesome, and 2) it's accurate. The "Booze/Weed" B side is basically more of the same, but it's great too, muddy goon squad rock pogo-marching into fields of aluminum foil and poppies. The opening line of their self-penned Myspace bio sums up the dumb/rad path they tread: "Panopticon Eyelids was born in 2002 just before the city of Montreal was taken over by the Ethiopium Biker Rock gang." Sign my ass up for more, please."
- Cassette Gods

"Amazing freaked out jams from Montreal's loosest and weirdest. This is a heavy dose. This band gets so far in the zone they become crazed sounding. They are mentally locked in to unlock the mind. Finally some Psych-Kraut that sounds like it was played by actual aliens instead of just cosmic dudes. Anyway, improvisation and psych guitar with screeching electronic vomit is on the menu here. They also employ total hypno-bass mind control techniques. At some point during Side One the intensity switch is flipped and they start barfing out the jams double time. Side Two is works the same where the jam continues to sink in as it progresses. This time the squelching freaked-out electronics which stole the show during the first side are missing/missed. The final track "Hello'weed Night" changes things up and serves as a nice outro. It's worth mentioning that the tape artwork is exceptional, no credit is given to the designer but it's a nice package that features colorful wild paint ejaculate. Panopticon Eyelids score more unneeded points for having a cool name - based around a type of prison architecture where the prisoners are on display and observed without being able to tell whether they are being watched, conveying the "sentiment of an invisible omniscience.""
Tobias Rochman - Thee Outernet/Grand Trine


released June 14, 2008

Abandon Ship Records (ASR 035)
Limited edition of 100 red cassettes. SOLD OUT.
Recorded on Mini-Disc at The Pines Recording.
Cover Artwork by Wil Murray.

Sébastien Fournier - Guitars
Eric Gingras - Bass
Michel Meunier - Guitars, Vocals
Félix Morel - Drums



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Panopticon Eyelids Montréal, Québec

Panopticon Eyelids is a Sci-Fi Prog Punk band formed in 2002.

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