Tractor Beans

by Panopticon Eyelids

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"Brand new French-Canadian bad acid/thug rock monster jams in the keg-butting style of lurch orchestras like Violent Students, Pissed Jeans and primo Texan meat-raunch of the calibre of Josefus-plays-Buttholes. On the Mouthus label."
David Keenan - Volcanic Tongue

"Live they totally fucking rule with full on beer glass raising gang vocal choruses and fingers slashed bloody on their guitars. The last show we did together they were totally mindblowing, endless bricks falling on your head-style contant evolution tard chug, so fucking good, way beyond the CDR, tho I hate to admit it. The lineup is 2 guits, bass, drums. The first song, Citelle, is named after the bassists new baby. They have a weird Jesus with me like ethnocultural comradery vibe. They could totally be huge or go absolutely nowhere."
Brian Sullivan - Mouthus


released September 7, 2006

Our Mouth Records (#12)
Limited edition of 200 CDRs with hand stamped labels. SOLD OUT.
Recorded by Radwan Moumneh.
Cover artwork by Nate Nelson.

Sébastien Fournier - Guitars, Vocals
Eric Gingras - Bass
Michel Meunier - Guitars, Vocals
Félix Morel - Drums



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Panopticon Eyelids Montréal, Québec

Panopticon Eyelids is a Sci-Fi Prog Punk band formed in 2002.

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Track Name: Exploding Foil Vegetable
You fucking hippies!
Take your fucking clothes off!